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Serial Welcome Activities for BGTG Newcomers-Sports Make us More United

        The rigid combination of a flock of people can never make a great team. A real harmonious and powerful team is composed of people with common aims, interdependent desires, mutual influences, hence obtain great success though consummate cooperation.
        To make the new employees integrated into the big family of the corporation as soon as possible, to adapt themselves to the corporation pace quickly and make the whole corporation a tough and competitive team, and meanwhile, to improve the physical fitness of the employees and to create an atmosphere of “Health Life, Joyful Work”, the basketball match on July 27th and the billiard, badminton and table tennis game on August3-4th will be held consecutively. The serial welcome activities, organized by Worker’s Union of BGTG, is around the corner.
        The passion for sports burns along with the unceasing hooray, and the spectacular game has constructed a dream of youth “I fight, therefore I am young”! The players compete fiercely under the scorching sun, and the active youths pour their sweats in the match fields. At this time, the results of the match seem not that important, and what makes us more excited, is the strong and vigorous figures and the young faces. Here we united and march forward, here, we demonstrate the unique characteristic of BGTG. The spirit will be brought into our routine work, and for a better and brilliant future of BGTG, we will keep fighting.

                                                               Photo of BGTG Board Chairman and basketball players

                                                                             Players in the basketball game

                                                                          Players in the basketball game

                                                                                                  Billiard game

                                                                                         Badminton match

                                                                                     Table tennis match


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