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Satna Coal Washery of India Birla Corporation Limited Officially in Operation

        The Satna thermal coal CPP of India Birla Corporation Ltd, designed by Guohua Tech, is officially in commercial operation in April, 2013, and all indexes have met the design requirements.
        Project Overview: The project is located in the Satna cement plant and the construction contractor is India Birla Corporation Limited. The washing capacity is 150TPH, with the local high ash Indian coal as the main raw coal feed. The primary washing process adopts the gravity-fed two-stage two-product H.M. cyclone as the core heavy medium separation process, and the tailings slime treatment employs two-stage thickening and two-stage recovery process. The plant is of open style steel structure design, which have advantages of quick construction and easy maintenance of equipment, and etc.
        The clean coal and refuse are separated in only one gravity-fed two-stage two-product H.M. cyclone (Model 2GHMC1000/780P); The realization of high density separation (1.8-2.0 S.G.) with low density suspension (1.4 S.G.) replaced the multiple processes of the conventional separation method, hence simplified separation process and guaranteed a high separation efficiency. The coal slime water processing system adopts two inclined pipe thickeners, which have advantages of small footprint and fast particle settling and etc.; the process of two-stage thickening and two-stage recovery has reduced the required number of filter presses, lowered down the capital investment of coal slime water processing system and meanwhile meet the requirement for low product moisture. The central control system adopts the computer control system developed by our company, proceeding real-time monitoring and automatic controlling to all of the sump level, feed pressure of the cyclone and separation density to ensure the optimum separation indexes. The whole process is simple, reliable and easy to operate, which has favorable adaptability for the difficult washability coal and raw coal that needs separation density larger than 1.8 S.G.
        All equipment have adopted the national best brand and critical components, such as PLC and bearings have employed the world first-class brand to guarantee the stable and reliable operation of all equipment.

                                                                                      Technical staff in Satna coal washery
                                                       Technical staff of BGTG and employees from Birla Corporation Limited

                                                              Technical staff of BGTG and employees from Birla Corporation Limited

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